The sweeping craze of the 22 pushup challenge

Another year, another amazing example of using social media to create awareness and virality through creating engaging content, that’s tied to a good cause.

What am I talking about? Well, most of the world with internet and TV probably have heard about the #22pushupchallenge. Started by a charitable organisation in the US, they challenged people to create awareness about veteran soldiers suffering from PTSD and its’ challenges on their mental health. You can read more into the details of what the organisation does to support and deal with these problems here: Honor Courage Commitment.

This social awareness campaign challenges people to complete 22 push ups for 22 days, in order to spread the message that on average, 22 veterans will commit suicide every day. They challenge as many friends as they want and they repeat process. We’ve already seen many celebrities get involved with this campaign and also creative attempts at completing the challenge differently.

Does this last beyond the initial effect?

There is definitely no mistaking that social media can help to increase the awareness of this cause, however will it actually create a lasting impact? The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised over £88 million pounds thanks to the initial effect of social media driving the cause. This has led to researchers being able to take the next step in curing the disease.

This means, that when the #22pushupchallenge comes to an end after 22 days, it is possible to see a similar lasting impact as the ALS Icebucket challenge created. The nice thing about this challenge, is that anyone can start it whenever they wish, therefore individually increasing the duration of this campaign.