The best thing to come from Microsoft’s conference

Focused around Window’s 10, today’s live conference showcased a bunch of interesting new tech & innovations.

We were shown an updated version of Paint to support 3d drawings, which will also be made available to the previous Surface tablets. They also released new 3d software that will allow anyone to capture an object and create a 3d object without requiring prior skill in developing 3d applications. Users will be able to share their creations through an online community (, where they can help to inspire others.

Microsoft finally announced the integration of Beam with Xbox, so gamers can stream games directly from their console.

Now to one of two the big announcements, Microsoft showed off their new all-in-one desktop PC, Microsoft Surface Studio. Packed with a tremendous amount of tech, the Surface Studio manages to hide it all away inside a small case that sits underneath the screen, as the base. What seems to be specifically marketed to artists & engineers, Microsoft have suggested it is for anyone who can create and they showed off the features which definitely could help attract creative users to switch from using an iMac to Surface Studio, such as the zero gravity stand, which allows the user to easily position the screen in an angle to suit their work.

The second big announcement was the Microsoft Surface Dial. A gadget which looks like a switch from an oven, serves as a nifty tool, that gives users a host of functions such as zoom & movement. However, it was the next function that sparked a huge cheer from the crowd. You are able to place the Microsoft Surface Dial onto the screen and it can be used as a colour wheel or to switch between brushes. Those, who worry about it scratching the precious screen shouldn’t be worried, as the Dial seems to have a rubber bottom.

Priced at $2,999, the Surface Studio will definitely be a luxury to most creators, but time will tell if this will replace designers table in the future.