How to watch Blizzcon 2016 Overwatch tournament

As we head into the last few months of 2016 and anticipate what’s to come in 2017 for us gamers, before that we must welcome Blizzcon 2016. Opening on November 4 & 5th 2016, this year’s Blizzcon will be the 10th they’ve hosted and their 25th anniversary. That’s pretty impressive.

Before all the developer talks, fantastic cosplays & announcements, plenty of action is already underway with the Blizzcon esports tournaments. Those that have already startedĀ are Heroes of the Storm & Hearthstone Group stages, with World of Warcraft starting on October 28th. Obviously, Blizzcon are also hosting an Overwatch tournament and the group stages will start on 29 Oct (12PM PDT/ 8PM BST).

This year, Blizzcon have partnered with Twitch & MLG to livestream all of the esports online and through their Blizzcon mobile app, so literally nobody has an excuse not to catch any of the games being streamed.

Here’s the rundown of the teams that are participating in the Overwatch group stages, which this year is a world cup based tournament, therefore you will have pro players representing their country.

ow world cup.PNG


What’s interesting about this competition, isĀ that the community helped to vote and source the potential Pros to represent their own countries, based on their popularity, skill & regional tournament rankings. And now, these remaining 16 teams will battle it out to become the No 1 country in Overwatch. I’m definitely excited to see how the different Pro players, who wouldn’t normally be in a team together, be able to cooperate & strategise to victory.

Make sure to bookmark the url below so you’re ready to catch the start of the World Cup on the 29th October!