The internet’s latest craze

Most people have heard about the mannequin challenge, which has swept through the internet just a fast as previous internet challenges. If you are one of the smarter ones who haven’t come across this, then let me give you a quick explanation. The mannequin challenge was started in a Florida High School, by some teenagers who decided it would be cool to film their entire class posing in statuesque positions – hence the name coined The Mannequin Challenge.

As to expect from online community & their love of internet challenges, it wasn’t long until we started seeing more mannequin challenges appearing, from regular people to sport stars & even political figures.

We’ve yet to see brands adopt these internet crazes, however I don’t think it will be long until we do see 1 brand try and re-create this and share on their social media.

As for the the original thinkers of this internet sensation, they probably didn’t know how far it would go and who it would ‘inspire’; they are probably now thinking of how to create a professional career from this.



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