VR spotlight: Become a lumberjack

Ever fancy yourself to be the next best lumberjack?

Thanks to DigitasLBI Nordics you can. They’ve created a VR game where you can safely wield a Husqvarna brand chainsaw and take part in a virtual reality logging competition. This has been created to help promote Husqvarna and also the World Logging Championships, happening this month. Yes, they can make VR games to promote anything now, but at least it’s not for something like virtual extreme cheese rolling.

Few brands have taken the challenge to create an experience with VR, which I think is due to a few reasons like cost and ROI. VR games that have been built for HTC Vive or Oculus, such as the Limberjack VR, will not be experienced by a large audience, as most home owners haven’t purchased a VR set, as it is a huge investment. However, VR makes sense where you can create a fun and interesting brand experience and can be experienced at events by the public.

For DigitasLBI, maybe they’ll help to inspire the next generation of lumberjacks or at least promote the World Logging Championships to those that own a HTC vive and can try it at home.

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