My thoughts on No Man’s Sky {PC}

No Man’s Sky, developed by Hello Games, a small indie team based in UK has seen its’ fair share of negative comments since launching in August.

Promising endless exploration and wondrous discoveries, many players have felt that after spending more than 100 hours, the game has failed to offer the same effect as the E3 video. Many are aware about the difference between E3 gameplay vs the final product, although with NMS the gap seems larger.

So far, I’ve spent around 47 hours flying around the universe, warping system to system, mining, upgrading, finding new ships and rinsing and repeating. At first the game was enjoyable to play, as everywhere I went, there was something new to see. However, soon after the game started to feel almost pointless to reach the end goal. Many have reached the center and felt the ending was not worth the many hours spent gathering resources and travelling. I myself, have yet to reach this goal, however I have not felt the motivation to get back into this game in order to do so.

The issue with the game, in its’ current state is the lack of depth after awhile, it feels like a early access game that requires few months in development and that after playing awhile, you could actually experience everything the game has to offer on a single planet. There could have been many reasons for this, maybe due to Sony getting them as an exclusive, forced their hands to release the game early.

With the user base averaging around 6,000 users daily, there are many players still enjoying the game, however with the launch seeing 200,000 users, this is definitely something HelloGames and Sony should address, especially if they wish to support this game for long term or release a sequel. Many have asked HelloGames to perform an AMA on reddit, which would help to shed some light on the lack of communication and truth about the missing features. We’ve seen HG communicate via their twitter, however this has only been towards bug updates & patches, rather than explaining the claim of misleading people.

There’s no excuse HG can give to please the 90% of angry players, however for those still playing, including myself, all they can do is move forward and create new content for the game.



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