Mario & Pokemon at the Apple event?

The world as we know has ended.

It seems that Nintendo have not given up on their quest to dominate the mobile market and establish a lead in front of Microsoft & Sony, by announcing Mario & Pokemon to the mobile scene, well, at least for Apple at the moment.

For Pokemon Go aficionados, maybe the announcement of an accompanying app for the Apple watch will increase sales of the device. And it does seem to have most of the features included, except for the ability to catch the Pokemon via your smartwatch but I think that Nintendo have just moved too slowly on this announcement especially since smartwatches have been around for some time; they should have made this announcement a few weeks after launching the game. With even the Pokemon GO accessory device not yet released, it does feel like they didn’t follow any structured release schedule, or if they had then they might have another surprise to attract people to buy the accessory, once it’s released.

As for Mario, the plucky red plumber will make his move onto Apple in the form of an endless run, currently named Super Mario Run. At first glance, many would think that this would be another endless runner from behind the perspective of the character. Well, it is an endless runner and it seems all you actually do is tap  to jump, however it keeps the 2d perspective of Mario, that we’ve all grown and enjoyed playing – albeit using the latest 3d character for the newer generations. Those who still love the classic Super Mario with the 2d sprites may not be interested by the current 3d appearance.

You can catch short glimpse of the gameplay uploaded by Nintendo.


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