Playstation Live Meeting 2016

It was rumoured that the launch of the PS4 slim and PS4.5 would be announced in early September and it was done during today’s Playstation Meeting, at Playstation Theater in Times Square, New York City.

Firstly, the PS4 slim has been announced as the slimmer brother of the original PS4 with the same amount of graphical power & lower power output. Price was announced at £259 and release date is expected on September 15th, 2016. Playstation VR’s release date is scheduled in October, this year.

Moving on to the PS4.5, which we now know as PS4 PRO, will be released on November 10th, 2016 for £349. This is the more powerful version of the original PS4 console, that puts 4k gaming into console gamer’s palms for the first time, HDR graphical improvements, PS VR support & HDTV support for even greater graphical fidelity. It will also allow game developers to squeeze even more out of the console to make their game look the best. Gamer’s will obviously require to upgrade to a 4k capable TV to reap the full benefits, however it won’t require a 4k tv to be played on, so the majority of 1080p TV’s will still be able to use PS4 PRO.


Below are screenshots of games which will support PS4 PRO. Other titles to support PS4 PRO are Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Infamous: First Light & Killing Floor 2. I expected Battlefield 1 to be shown as one of the games to support PS4 PRO, however maybe we’ll see this via an update in the future.

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It wasn’t just the difference in games that the PS4 PRO would help to improve, Sony announced that they will partner with Netflix to bring 4k shows. Narcos S2 & Luke Cage have been announced as first titles to support 4k.

Finally, Sony announced that every single PS4 that has been released since the very first console sold, will receive an update to allow for HDR capability.

I’m probably going to save up for either the slim or purchase the original once the price drops. Although the PS4 PRO would be amazing, I just don’t want to fork out an extra few thousand pounds for a 4k tv.

With rumours about Microsoft’s Project Scorpio to have even greater power, it’ll be exciting to see that announcement and how it stacks up with PS4 PRO.







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